Code in Boxes, Why only restrict ourselves to colors?

Code in Boxes, a personal project.
Code in Boxes, a personal project.
  • A beautiful code
  • Quick understanding
  • Read the code once from top to bottom
  • Paint a picture as you write code
  • Made for human understanding

How much time do you spend tracking the declaration of a variable or object?

Personally, I unconsciously spend a lot of time going from here to there checking definitions so that after 5 min I ask myself again if the variable x is declared in the local function, is it a parameter or is it a global variable.

Grouping related code is not enough for you?

Why only restrict yourself to colors, being able to use boxes, fonts, styles, symbols, etc?

How to carry it out?

This is a work in progress, I plan to use open source ASTs (Abstract Syntax Tree) like Babel for JavaScript … Initially it will be implemented for JS, and will eventually expand to other languages.

The help of other developers is not only welcome, but it is a vital priority, any comments or suggestions I will be happy to respond… My email:

Fullstack developer, mathematician, self-taught.

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